Hey, We’re Having Twins!

Wait, what?


My wife and I found out our little world was about to get very crazy, very quickly, about 2 months ago. While not totally unexpected (we had a surprise IVF cycle (how does one have a surprise IVF cycle? That’s a topic for a future post)), the news still sent both of us reeling just a bit. Now, my lovely wife has to deal with the worst part of having twins, that being the lovelyness of the twin pregnancy, and all I have to do is work hard enough to ensure we have the funds needed to raise said twins (ok, not ALL, I mean I do play a role in making sure she doesn’t go completely bonkers in the next 7 months (the largest part of that is just laying low and making sure the two year old is happy)). So I figure that I can take some of my spare time, while I have something called spare time, to chronicle our journey. 

Not all of my content will be twin related, especially at first when they are still in utero, but I will try to make it entertaining/educational/not extremely boring. So buckle up and join us for the ride.

A note on names: I realize that many of you, dear readers, are very aware of who I am and who my family is. I also realize that if you don’t, it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to figure out for anyone with a modicum of seaching ability. I will be using nicknames and initials less to protect privacy, and more to make sure that my children can safely google their names in the future without finding the embarrasing stories their dad chose to share with the world.